True Love Wins

Anyone who hates another brother or sister is really a murderer at heart. And you know that murderers don’t have eternal life within them.” -1 John 3:15, NLT

This is for homosexuals, those who hate them, and those who have them as their progeny, or as their friend. This is also for anti-Christs who are curious as to how a Lover of Christ would want to relate to them. May your curiosity serve the best of you.


The Bible is very clear about this. John, in his first letter, goes back to the declaration of Christ in Matthew 5:21-22, which says that murder need not be the obvious kind wherein there is violence. Violence may be formed in the mind, though it need not be performed. Anger towards another is already murder. Cursing someone right in the face or in secret is murder. people who have studied the Bible a hundred times over already know the context of this passage. It is proof that we are hasty in justifying our hatred that we lie to ourselves about the gravity of our emotions. In the current status of the world wherein the power house country, The United States, is making democracy stronger by approving same-sex marriage in all their states, the LGBT community of the Philippines is definitely fighting for their rights as well. Cries for serving equality are now louder than ever on this side of the globe, and there will always be opposition.

Opposition— shaking heads and disappointed folks— holds different views and convictions. Opposition will stay as it is either for the same set of beliefs that I have or for a great distaste of changing times. Taking note of us, the Philippines, being a so-called Christian nation, I would understand if most would agree with the distaste; after all, our culture dictates that a man must only love a woman. Anything in between is abominable. This too, is Biblical, for Eve was made for Adam (Genesis 2:18), although I am inclined to think that most Filipinos do not even know of this reference. But never mind the lack of knowledge the text. Most who grew up in conservative homes would agree to this concept, whether young or old. We have a natural distaste for homosexuality dictated by our culture. Sexual abuse of homosexuals is rampant, whether reported or not. Being bullied, being jeered at, throughout life is still evident in streets, in classrooms, in some workplaces, in barangay fiestas, and elsewhere in our daily lives as Filipinos. Homosexuality is frowned upon. Here. In my home.

But the question is this: do we hate homosexuality for what it really is, or do we frown upon it based on the status quo?

Do the parents of our land hate their homosexual progeny for dishonoring the family and not upholding the family’s name better? Do we hate our children because they veered away from our blueprint for their lives? Do we scold them because we loathe being inferior to their desires, knowing that we are the proper authority in the household and them disobeying means our authority is trampled on? Do we curse them for their ways or for what they have become?

What is the true essence of your anger, your hatred? Is it murder?

To the homosexuals who die emotionally every day for how they are trampled on and hated, especially by their own kin, I respect you. To those who were excommunicated in their own circle of friends, in their long favored clubs, and even in their own homes for cross-dressing or for being gay, I love you even when your whole world has turned from you. And I am mindful that most if not all of you know that God loves all of His creation. Yet I dare not impose to you the differences of our beliefs because I will defeat the purpose of my calling, which is to let True Love win. I cannot push you to believe what I believe because that defeats the purpose of your own free will. And I will not. What I can do is to encourage you to read on and understand our point of view which is based on God’s, as is written in His word.

1 Corinthians 6:9 clearly says that homosexuality equates to unrighteousness (Google it or flip a Bible near you to see with your own eyes). I do understand that this is hard to fathom and is justifiable given that the world has accepted homosexuality as love. Obviously. We won’t make a fuss about it if it was not the case.

But this I want to say to my siblings in Christ who are still practicing homosexuality:

Do not fool yourselves.

I would understand if you cannot quite digest such words at once and not give up your homosexuality right away. It is just the same as the every day struggle of a Christian to give up on lying, or an indecent job that pays off well, or a long-term abusive relationship, or the more obvious vices that do harm in our bodies in more ways than one. I understand first-hand, but that is a story for some other time. It is a struggle, and it will always feel like you are doing all you can to keep your head above the water until you actually give it up to Christ. Our church has always reminded one another in numerous messages and accountability sessions that the Christian life is not difficult; it is impossible. That is as true as it gets. If you do not give homosexuality up to God right away, that is understandable. But know this: anything you do not give up to the Lord will be a rift in your relationship with Christ. You cannot fully experience True Love nor the abundant life He is freely handing you if you do not give up your unrighteousness— if you only give Him your 99% and not your all.

Let True Love reign in our lives.


Sing and sign your own thoughts here.

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