15 Things That Happen When You’re The Class Clown And The Introverted Homebody At The Same Time

I can’t explain how true this is.

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fernandezkarin fernandezkarin

1. Some people say they need to be around other people in order to recharge their batteries. Others say that they need to be completely alone in order to get their sanity and energy back. But you – you need to strike a perfect balance between being surrounded by your friends and being completely alone, or else you’ll go nuts.

2. …Like, one or the other is never enough. If you spend your night out at a party making everybody laugh, all you want to do at the end of the night is retire to your cozy couch with some #blessed peace and quiet.

3. …But if you spend the night in, so that you can have some me time, you’re practically a different person by the next morning, and are usually texting your friends by 9 a.m. asking about “BRUNCH?!” and including a bunch of senseless emojis.

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