Uncontainable Literature

Jesus did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.- John 21:25, NLT


Jesus did many things.

Things the Bible said He did are to heal sick people. Make the blind see. Make the deaf hear. Make the cripple walk.

He also had a knack for overriding the laws of Nature. He calmed stormy seas. He strolled on raging waters. He multiplied a few fish and seven loaves of bread for four thousand men, not including women and children. He did it another time with two fish and five loaves for five thousand men. He made barren trees wither at once, and defeated death Himself.

Jesus was also quite a storyteller. His parables revealed secrets that people cannot discover on their own, and the best part about it is the parables were people’s stories—current occupations and struggles then—that made the secrets relatable and applicable.

Yes, Jesus did many things. And He still does many other things to this day.

He heals the most incurable wounds and diseases. He prolongs a timed life here, he impossibly cures a terminally ill there. He makes those who can’t see the world see Him instead.  He makes those who refuse to see Him, see Him eventually. He makes those who are filled with much noise in their thoughts grow calm and still enough to hear His voice. He makes those who are crippled by the past walk.

Jesus still calms stormy seas. He still walks past raging souls filled with anger or bitterness or envy and calms them at its very depth. He multiplies supplies when all that’s visible are dwindling numbers. He extends finances and never puts anyone in need. He makes the barren bear children and reveals the Father to the fatherless. He breaks the hardest of hearts and makes them beat for Him.

To this day, Jesus is the author of a thousandfold stories—imperfect lives lived by broken people—that ultimately point to Him. If all those stories—past, present, and future—were written as books that accurately accounted moment by moment events, then the Earth itself is barely a shelf to store it.


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