But if you never try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth. – Coldplay, Fix You


I wish you know love the way I know it now.

I wish you know that what I have now is past a feeling or an energy or a sense of euphoria from an overdose you probably know so well. I wish you’d understand that what I have is unending joy in the midst of ever-changing tides and circumstances. It’s a peace that you will never fully comprehend, for even I will fail to elaborate it. But I know it’s there.

I know love now as a blazing fire in the midst of unending darkness that will never succumb to the vast black. Instead, it ventures forth and spreads itself wildly, just as fire ought to be.

Oh! how gravely I wish you know love how I know it now. But most of all, I wish you’d be willing to see. I hope you’d be willing to taste and see the warmth of the fire I now hold, for it was never just mine to keep.

I hope someday soon you’d let me let you know, for I could keep it in no longer.


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