The Idea Of You

I thought I knew you.


You were to me something eternally unreachable that I dare not try to. You were massive in all the wrong places that I thought I’d never be worth your time. I thought I knew every part of you that I didn’t bother working on what we have—or what we don’t have.


I thought I knew you, but you proved me wrong.


You’ve been beside me all along, and I was just too being selfishly scared to recognize you. You’ve been the one reaching out especially when I thought I didn’t need you. Yes, you still are massive. But my indifference denied me the obvious—that you are more than enough. I’ll never be worthy of your time according to the highest standards, but to you it doesn’t matter. You worked out what we have and gave me what I then didn’t have.


Now, I somehow know you.


And I want to get to know you better.


Day by day.


Sing and sign your own thoughts here.

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