Love is…

(Based on true stories. Identities are classified for security purposes.)


Love is when you’re so worked up at what to say for her birthday. It’s being careful not to say anything that will awaken her heart prematurely. It’s when you want to give her something but you don’t know what, because you think she already has it all.

Love is when you walk away because you know you’re not what he needs. It’s when you know you’re the one who did more damage and you know distance and time could heal you both, but he believes otherwise. And he endlessly pleads you to stay.

Love is when you can’t sleep soundly at night until your son gets home. Not that you want to talk to him about it. Not that he’s sober enough to listen. But you just want him to be safe.

Love is when you tell the truth even others won’t. Even if it hurts your best friend. It’s when you know his world will crumble at what you’ll say, but you say it anyway. It’s when you believe that the truth will set him free even if it hurts awhile.

Love is when you stay, even if you’re not able to have the family you’ve always imagined. Or your house got burnt. Or you lost all your savings to a scam. Or when you start to notice she’s not as young as she once was.

Love is when, in 70 years together, you’ve never been apart, but you have to visit your sick brother overseas and you’re leaving alone. And after a month of separation, you didn’t forget to bring home 2 kilos of your love’s favorite grapes.

Love is when you know you have it all, but you give it up so someone who needs it more than you do could have it all. Even if it means letting go of the one thing you’ve always known. Even if it means losing all your titles, your power, your authority, and everyone’s respect. Even if it’s putting the blame on you and not the one who deserves it.

This. This is love.

How about you? How do you know love?


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