If The Stars Could Speak

If the stars could speak and converse as we,
what could it probably say to me?
Would it introduce itself by true name?
Will that name differ from what its famed?

Will it heave me with dust and get angry?
Or will we be friends and speak freely?
Will it let me be close and not grow faint?
Will it dim its light so I can stay?

When it speaks, I wonder what its timbre.
It could be deep beyond yonder.
It could be shrill and ghastly, or
serene like deep sea.

Will they speak universe stories of
how all came to be? Will they speak of
lifetimes immeasurable to me?

Will they claim something came forth randomly
or will they declare purpose for their being?
Will they know their mission better than I do mine?

Will they prove and explain a casual domain
or give praise and declare glory to God’s name?

Will they start to argue how time commenced
or begin the chorus of united agreement?

If the stars could speak, I wonder if I can stand.
Will they teach me, and will I learn and bend
who I am?


Sing and sign your own thoughts here.

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